A workspace is a collection of source, data and configuration files that represents all of the work you’re doing for a certain data analysis. It corresponds to what would typically be a GitHub repository or a RStudio project.

Creating a new workspace

We provide a growing collection of workspace templates to kickstart your own analysis. These templates will typically contain some a notebook to get you started along with som example data for you to experiment with.

You can also create a new workspace from scratch, that contains a bare-bones notebook. In this case, you'll typically want to connect to an external data source or upload your own dataset to start your analysis.

Working in the workspace

If you edit or create a new R workspace, it will open the workspace files in RStudio, the most popular idea for doing data science R. If you edit or create a new Python workspace, you'll be able to edit and execute the source files in JupyterLab.

Workspaces are private

Only you can see all the workspaces that you own and their contents. It is currently not possible to share your workspace with other people to collaborate, but you are able to share workspace publications with others (see next section).

Maximum 5GB

If the total size of all the files in your workspace exceeds 5GB, you will no longer be able to access your workspace. If you unintentionally ended up in this situation and want to continue, let us know and we'll help you out.