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Text cell

Use the text cell to add text to your notebook. The text cell uses Markdown syntax, which means that you can use certain formatting queues like ** and _ to make text bold, italics, or to add headings and lists to your text. See here for basic syntax.
The text cell can be in two modes: editing mode or viewing mode.

Editing mode

Use this mode write your markdown cell. A toolbar appears that you can use to easily format text, as well as add hyperlinks and images. You can also just paste an image from your local filesystem or your clipboard into a text cell; the image will be uploaded to your workspace and included with the correct Markdown syntax.
Text cell in editing mode

Viewing mode

This is the 'rendered' version of your markdown code: headings show up as larger titles, text formatted as bold will actually be bold, and links and images will be displayed. People with viewing access to your workspace will always see your text cells in viewing mode (since they can not edit them).
The same text cell in viewing mode

Switching modes

To switch from viewing mode to editing mode, you can do one of the following:
  • Double click on the text cell
  • Click "Edit" in the cell menu
  • Hit Enter when the cell is active.
To switch from editing mode to viewing mode, you can do one of the following:
  • Click "View" in the cell menu
  • Hit Ctrl + Enter when the cell is active.