Manage Group Settings

Group admins can configure how members of their group can use Workspace. Other than billing and license assignment, there are three aspects that can be managed through the general settings tab in the group admin settings.

Standalone access to Workspace

Depending on the group you are in, admins are able to toggle 'standalone access' to Workspace. If enabled, users in your group can access the DataCamp Workspace dashboard to browse, read, create and edit workspaces. If disabled, users in your group can only use DataCamp Workspace in different Learn experiences that depend on it, like Projects and Certification.

With full capabilities or in Restricted Mode

DataCamp Workspace runs with full capabilities for groups that subscribed through the website: as an open platform, allowing users to upload custom datasets, connect to external data sources, install additional Python or R packages, and share their work with the world. More specifically, DataCamp Workspace allows users to:
  • Create, rename and delete workspaces.
  • Switch between DataCamp’s Notebook Editor or JupyterLab.
  • Upload and download files
  • Execute code and scripts (R, Python, SQL, Bash).
  • Share a workspace with other DataCamp users.
  • Install additional Python or R packages from GitHub, PyPi, CRAN, etc.
  • Access remote data sources and APIs through integrations.
  • Securely store secrets as environment variables.
DataCamp runs in “Restricted Mode” for groups that subscribed with custom terms. In this mode, users in the group will be restricted to:
  • Create private workspaces only.
  • Only use the DataCamp notebook editor.
  • Work only with pre-approved datasets, packages and databases.
  • Collaborate with group members only.
In “Restricted Mode”, users will no longer be able to
  • Upload files from their local file system
  • Access remote servers
  • Install new packages from pypi / rcran / ...
  • Store secrets
  • Use JupyterLab
  • Share work with people outside of the organization
Despite this restricted mode, users will still be able to use Workspace as a safe coding sandbox and execute code and scripts (R, Python, SQL, Bash). to experiment with concepts and code snippets they learned on DataCamp.
For more details on Restricted Mode and switching modes, please contact support or your Customer Success Manager.

Default workspace access

By default, all other group members have commenter access to newly created group workspaces. You can change this to "Disabled" (if you want newly created workspaces to be private to the creator only) or any other role.
Note that group members can still update the sharing settings manually after creating the group workspace.