What is DataCamp Workspace?

Workspace is an AI-enabled data notebook to discover and share insights effortlessly.

Every workspace runs in a fully-managed, cloud-hosted environment with R / Python, built-in support for SQL and all commonly used data science packages pre-installed. If you need more, you can easily install additional packages. Learn more in Working with packages.

Workspace makes connecting to external databases a breeze. Set up the connection once and access data in any workspace. Write your query in a SQL cell; the result will be available as a data frame so you can continue your analysis. Learn more in SQL cell.

Workspace makes collaboration seamless. You can invite people through email or share a link. They can now jump in and edit or comment on your work in real-time. Learn more in Sharing a workspace.

Workspace features an OpenAI-powered AI Assistant that helps you to generate and edit code, as well as fix and explain mistakes. The assistant helps you go from data to insights faster, building more skill in the process. Learn more in AI Assistant.

With the chart cell, you can create a beautiful chart of any data frame without code. Super-useful for quick data exploration and for creating sleek visuals to share with your peers. Learn more in Chart cell.

Is Workspace for me?

Workspace is for learners

After learning new concepts on DataCamp, you can practice and apply what you've learned in Workspace. Pick a dataset or sample database to start your next data science project or explore the library of templates. Public workspaces will automatically appear on your DataCamp profile, helping you build a data science portfolio that others can easily explore.

Workspace is for data professionals

Data access, insights generation and collaboration are seamless in Workspace, making it the perfect tool to get work done: hook up a database or upload a dataset, and start digging. If you need help from a colleague, you can just add them as an editor to your workspace to collaborate in real-time. When your report is ready, you can easily share it with other people in your org and drive data-driven decision making.

Getting started

The best way to explore Workspace is through the in-product onboarding. Head over to https://app.datacamp.com/workspace/onboarding and follow the steps.

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