What is DataCamp Workspace?
Your personal in-browser tool to write, run, and share your data analysis
DataCamp Workspace is an in-browser tool to practice writing code, apply your skills and create a data science portfolio, without having to install any software on your computer.
The opportunities with Workspace are endless; whether you want to work on data visualizations, statistical analyses, or simple reports: DataCamp Workspace has got you covered. Workspace automatically saves all your changes to the cloud, so you can easily continue at a later point.
After you've finished your analysis, you can publish your notebook with a single click and share your work with others. Your publications will appear on your profile page, allowing you to build out your data science portfolio.
We're still actively working on making DataCamp Workspace the best place to do data science, so we will be building out these docs over time. Feedback or suggestions? Leave a note through the in-app feedback feature and check out the suggestions posted by other users. We appreciate it! Still have questions after reading these docs? Reach out to [email protected].
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