Hiding and showing cells

You can hide and show the code and/or output of one or all cells in a notebook. This allows you to pull the attention towards the insights that matter, keeping all of your data cleaning and theming plumbing out of sight. The code and output of a cell that you hide won’t be visible in reader mode, nor in a publication.
To hide a cell, hover the cell and click the
button that appears to the left of it.
  • To hide the cell itself, click Hide code, Hide chart, or Hide text, whichever appears at the top of the menu.
  • To hide the ouputs of a code cell, click Hide outputs.
Once a cell is hidden, it will collapse into a thin line in the workspace. Multiple adjacent hidden cells will show up as just one line.
Hidden cells will be indicated by a thin line. The menu on the left allows you to show the hidden cells.
  • To show the code of a cell click on the
    icon next to a “hidden cells” line, and select either Show code or Show output, depending on your preference.
If you want to show/hide all cells in a notebook, you can use the View menu in the toolbar:
  • To hide the code of all cells in a notebook, click on View -> Hide all code
  • To show the code of all cells in a notebook, click on View -> Show all code
Note the “1 hidden cell” line at the bottom of this screenshot