When you are ready to share your insights with your peers, you can publish your workspace. To publish a workspace, click Publish button in the top right corner, and select the file you want to publish. If you then click Publish again, your notebook will be re-executed from top to bottom, and the rendered notebook will become available through a unique link.

View publication logs

If an error was encountered while rerunning your notebook, the publication will fail. In the Publishing side pane, you can click View logs to see exactly what went wrong so you can correct your notebook and try again.

Public by default

Your publication will automatically be featured on your DataCamp profile page. This means other people can find your publications. If you don't want your publications to be shown on your DataCamp profile page, uncheck the Feature publications on profile page box. Now, users will not be able to find it, unless you explicitly share the link to the publication with them.

One publication per workspace

For every workspace, you can only create a single publication. If you have two notebooks in your workspaces, you'll be able to select which workspace to publish.

Updating a publication

If you made changes after you already published a notebook in your workspace, and you want to update the publication to include the latest changes, you will have to republish the notebook. The URL of the updated publication will stay the same.