Create publications to share with others or the world
To share your work with peers or to feature it on your profile page, you can create a publication from a workspace and control how others can find it.
To create a publication, click the Share button in the top right corner, select the notebook file you want to publish, and hit Publish:
Your notebook will be re-executed from top to bottom to ensure reproducibility, and the rendered notebook will become available through a unique link:
You can review your own publication; this is also how readers of your work will see it:
Next, from the same "Share" pane, you can share your publication: publicly, with specific people, or with all the members in your group (if you are part of a DataCamp group). You can also feature publicly available publications on your DataCamp profile pages, which makes it appear here:
Example of our CTO, Dieter De Mesmaeker's profile page

Resolving errors

If an error was encountered in your code while rerunning your notebook, the publication will fail. In the Publishing side pane, you can click View logs to see exactly what went wrong so you can correct your notebook and try again.

One publication per workspace

For every workspace, you can only create a single publication. It is currently not possible to generate two distinct publications from the same workspace. If you have more than one notebook in your workspaces, you'll be able to select which notebook you want to create a publication from.

Updating a published workspace

If you made changes to your workspace after publishing, these changes are not automatically reflected in the publication. For the changes to ripple through to your publication, open up the "Share" pane again and hit the Update button. The URL of the updated publication as well as its sharing settings are preserved.
Last modified 1mo ago