Getting Started

Create your very first workspace
This tutorial helps you get access to workspace, create a workspace from a template, and publish it. Expected time to complete: 10 minutes.
  • Visit and click on "Get Started for Free"
  • Sign in with your DataCamp credentials if you already have an account. If you don't, create a new account.
  • You land on the workspace onboarding page. Click "Get Started".
  • Select the tutorial (yellow card).
    Onboarding step: start with a tutorial or from an empty workspace
  • You will land into the workspace editor, with a tutorial video in the bottom right hand side that walks you through creating your very first data project in Workspace.
    Workspace editor with an in-frame tutorial that you can code along with.

What's next?

To explore other options for using workspace, such as writing an analysis from scratch, read Creating a Workspace.