Environment Variables
With environment variables, you can securely store passwords, secrets, or tokens as environment variables so you can easily use them in your workspace: to connect to databases, to upload and download files from cloud file systems like Dropbox and Amazon S3, to save your work to a GitHub repository, etc. The possibilities are endless!
To add a new set of environment variables to your Workspace, click on the
icon in the left toolbar of your Workspace window, click on "Add" and follow the steps.
Example on adding environment variables
Before you can use a set of environment variables in your workspace session, make sure you connect the integration; your workspace session will restart for these changes to take effect. The next time you boot up the workspace, the environment variables that were connected to the workspace before will be automatically reconnected.

Specify once, use everywhere

Environment variables that you define in one workspace, will also be available in other workspaces.

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